Saturday, December 18, 2010

What Do You Dislike About Your Writing?

My writing process makes me sick!

Let me sum it up for you. Stare at the calendar with my deadline circled in red and worry, worry, worry. Panic a little. Worry some more.

Even though I’ve written a synopsis and have a general idea of how the story is supposed to go, the worrying and panicking go on for months.

Then with just two weeks (or less) to go it all comes together in my head, and I type like a maniac, fingers struggling to keep up with my brain.

The thought niggles at (and terrifies) me. What if it doesn’t come to me in the last week or two?

Every time I make a deadline I heave a sigh of relief and vow to never wind up in the position again, but I always do.

I dunno? If it’s not broke (yet), maybe I should stop looking for a way to fix it.

Sooo, is there something about your writing process that gets on your last nerve? Click the comment button and tell me all about it!


G said...

I procrastinate too much. Even though I completed a fourth draft of my novel, I still haven't gotten around to working on the rough draft to my synopsis, which in itself took me about four months to write.

Also, another thing I don't like is if I start a project that I'm initially gung ho about and it eventually peters out due to whatever easy roadblock that comes up that gives me an excuse not to complete.

Its strange that one minute you can have a novel that buries its talons so deep into you that it leaves you no choice but to write in order to get it out, and then the next, you have one that doesn't bury its talons, but instead acts like a pesky misquito.

Charles Gramlich said...

RIght now what's making me sick is the way I delay starting a writing project. I just let them hang on and on without really kicking in and getting my hands dirty.

Jewel Amethyst said...

What gets me sick is that compulsive habit I have of reading the entire manuscript from the beginning each time I append new material. Brrrr!!!