Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Parallels: Life Reflecting Art?

When I wrote the book, Hurricane of the Heart set in the beautiful island of Dominica, I never for a minute thought that what I penned would play out so vividly in reality.

Hurricane of the Heart is about American party animal, Kyle, and his polar opposite, Alia, an indigenous Dominican native whose love blossoms despite their differences when they are trapped on the island of Dominica during a powerful hurricane. The fictitious Hurricane Harriet which devastates the tiny island, plays an integral role in the story.

Hurricane of the Heart was released in July 2015. A month later, the island of Dominica was devastated by Tropical Storm Erica that left most of the island’s infrastructure under water and mud, at least twenty people dead, and residents stranded without food, electricity, and water. It occurred just two days before the anniversary of the most devastating hurricane to hit the island in recent history, Hurricane David in 1979.

Life imitating art, or just coincidence? 
There are so many parallels between what occurred in Dominica and what I wrote in the story that my husband, who hails from Dominica, keeps saying I jinxed them.

Douglas - Charles Airport under water