Saturday, March 29, 2014

Guest author Nerissa Golden: Honouring My Words

The beauty of being an author is that within the pages of your book you can become whoever you choose to be. In one book, you get to be the hero, the villain, the victim and the victor. It’s a place where you have permission to tell a lie for the purpose of creating tension and developing your story around how the characters deal with it.

In real life however, I’m a believer that truth always trumps lies.

Time is moving rapidly. Back in December when I agreed to do this guest post, I selected the end of March as it seemed far enough away. Surely by then I would have my act together and my writing mojo would be going at Mach 5.

Life happened and is happening. I’ve spent more time wishing I had the energy to write than writing. I’d somehow lost track of the simple promise to myself to have a book published by April. Still possible in the world of rushed eBooks but that is not what I’m after.

I thought having friends hold me accountable would help to keep me on track but it’s amazing the fabulous excuses you can find to explain away why your book draft hasn’t been looked at since late January. Yes, I have some great ones and all legit but none of them bring me any closer to completing a book. What it has also done is pushed me further from my friends, not because they are staying away but because of my own shame that I’ve been unable to keep my word.

My word. How do I write if I can’t honour my own word?

My not taking the time to write and share the ideas that have been on my heart for quite some time was keeping me away from my friends. I can see it and feel it.

Just as my own spirit craves the release of words on a page for me to feel free, alive and purposed, so I need to write to maintain my own integrity and to keep the promise I made to friends that I would deliver a new book. After all, I’ve filled their heads with ideas for characters, plots for a romantic story and thoughts for a self-help book but without movement on my part those discussions amount to time shooting the breeze. I don’t want it to be so.

This is my struggle. To keep promises to myself and to my friends that I will write. To not be filled with shame that I pull myself away from the relationships that matter. To write because when I do, I can feel a heavy burden lift regardless of what I’m writing about.

How do your relationships support your need to write?

P.S. I’ll be happy to send a free copy (e-version where applicable) of one of my books to the first person to request one in the comments below.

As the CEO of goldenmedia, Nerissa develops cutting edge communications strategies for her clients in the public, private and non-profit sectors. She was an Associate Producer for The Skin by HAMAFilms, managing its international publicity campaign, garnering it access to film festivals around the Caribbean and North America. She also works with emerging artists to develop a brand strategy which positions them to make an impact across multiple platforms simultaneously.




Liane Spicer said...

Welcome to Novel Spaces, Nerissa! I'd love to have one of your e-books, especially Island Days.

Since life often gets in the way of my writing, I can commiserate, but I can't offer advice. I do have a couple very strict friends though. One of them got me to the end of a first draft by demanding that I email him a new chapter each week. It worked.

G. B. Miller said...

Most of my relationships are detached from my writing. As a rule, I don't share intimate details about the 5 W's of my writing with my friends & family. I only speak in semi-generalities on my blog about the 5 W's.

Charles Gramlich said...

I'm feeling a bit of the same way at the moment. I have found that blogging about writing has often increased my urge to do my own writing. Maybe it will ignite a bit of fire. As for relationships, my wife supports me and we talk of my writing and her photography at times, but not every day.

Nerissa said...

Thank you for the feedback. My goal is to talk less and write more.
Liane the ebook version of Island Days is not yet available but as soon as it is, its yours.