Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Marketing Funnel

I've heard the term Marketing Funnel (or Purchase Funnel) used before. It's the basis for any CRM program. We all go through this process in our minds when making buying decisions. I think the concept is interesting, and if followed as closely as possible, it can be very helpful when it comes to book promotion.

The funnel basically shows the progression that a lead (reader) will take to becoming a customer (purchasing a book). Readers are 1) made aware of the book in some way, 2) they form an opinion about the book based on many things: the cover, the title, all of the visual aspects, they read the synopsis, reviews, etc., 3) they consider whether or not this book is right for them, 4) they make an overall decision as to whether or not this is something they prefer for the price, style, subject matter, etc., and 5) they purchase it, or not. This is part of the concept of awareness, interest, desire and action, and it is up to us as authors to first of all, make readers aware of our books - it starts from there.

We as authors are responsible for promotion, whether we are published by mainstream houses or not. Building a community of followers whom we build a rapport with is vital, especially with the great new options for reaching out beyond email - social media. Marketing circles work, but I believe you must also show the reader who you are, especially if you're in touch with them on a regular basis. Don't hit them with guerrilla marketing, but be personable and share aspects of your everyday life, as well as update them on your next release and events, and show them why they might be interested in your work.

Have you ever tried some form of the concepts of the Marketing Funnel? Did it prove to be beneficial for you? I will indeed learn more about it over the next week so that I can improve at making readers aware of my books - the goal is that word of mouth increases. Our love of writing is great, but we do want our books to be purchaed/read/enjoyed.

Write on!


Yolanda said...

Great blog! Such valuable information that I'm going to use when I begin marketing my book.

Jewel Amethyst said...

This is a wonderfully informative post, one that all writers can adopt. Old school writers often think of their jobs ending at the release of the book then the publishers marketing department takes over. It is not like that anymore, and hasn't been like that for a very long time.