Friday, May 13, 2011

Writing on Friday the 13th

I have always been intrigued by the Friday the 13th mystique. I have never considered myself particularly superstitious or unlucky, whatever day of the week. But then again, I probably wouldn't want to tempt fate by crossing path of a black cat, walking under a ladder, dining with a group of thirteen, or other no-nos on Friday the 13th.

However, what I am perfectly at ease doing on this day that comes our way every so often is stick with my writing schedule. That means getting up at the crack of dawn today, eating and exercising before heading to my desk, where I am editing my next romance novel, PRIVATE LUAU, slated to be released on December 1st.

By lunchtime, I will have a light meal and catch the latest news and funny stories about Friday the 13th. Then it is back to the grind, where I will spend a couple of hours doing online promotion on my blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., believing that this really does make a difference in building my brand and singing the praises of my titles, including my June release romance, PLEASURE IN HAWAII, and my eBook bestsellers, MURDER IN MAU, THE SEX SLAVE MURDERS, and appropriately for the day, my young adult haunted house mystery, GHOST GIRL IN SHADOW BAY.

Once dinnertime rolls around, I will gobble up whatever my wife sets before me and catch more news about Friday the 13th and more anecdotes about its history and future.

Then there is more exercise to get the heart pumping before heading back to my desk for further writing, editing, promotion, and catching online tales on Friday the 13th.

After retiring, my wife and I just may get out and watch the Friday the 13th DVD that we bought years ago to pay tribute to the first movie of the series.

All in all, I am feeling pretty lucky on this day and already looking forward to the next Friday the 13th.

What are your thoughts on Friday the 13th?

Do you take any of the back luck superstitions seriously?

1 comment: said...

Hi Devon Vaughan,

Your name, of course, is familiar to some of us.

...Glad to hear you have cleared the writing logjam and you are refuelled and rearmed.

I had put in an earlier comment, sort of "hurray" and egging you on.

But then blogger, in its capreciousness-- ate my comment.

Keep up the good work.