Saturday, April 2, 2011

Old Dog, New Trick

The main character of my current WIP bakes the most scrumptious desserts.

Dessert at my house is usually a Snickers bar, so I recently spent five hours in Classic Cakes class for a crash course in baking.

Voila! A five-flavor pound cake homemade by yours truly:

Learned anything new for your character’s sake? If so, tell me about it!


Charles Gramlich said...

For my characters I'm usually learning about guns and vehicles of various kinds. :)

Liane Spicer said...

LOL Phyllis! Amazing where those characters take us. I tend to avoid the kitchen so I won't be writing cordon bleu characters anytime soon.

Loving your photo essays, btw. :)

Jewel Amethyst said...

Maybe I need to pay you a visit during your, uhhmm, research. That cake definitely looks good.

Shauna Roberts said...

I think I need a baker as a main character in an upcoming story so I can do some research like this!

I heard of a writer who took fencing lessons so she could write about swordfighting better. I'd do that if my shoulders would let me.

For Like Mayflies in a Stream, I had to research commodity money, barley, ancient irrigation practices, burial practices in ancient Mesopotamia, the history of beermaking, sheep evolution, aurochs, Mesopotamia food, and a lot of other things. The only one I could have actively done was cook ancient recipes. I think I may have tried a bread recipe, but the other recipes were for meat dishes, so as a vegetarian I just cooked them in my head.