Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writing In Style: Reading Glasses Edition

In my last post I shared photos of my writing space.

Well, I thought I’d hidden them before I snapped the photo, but no. Sitting in plain view next to my laptop were my – ugly drugstore granny glasses!.

Fellow Novel Spaces author, Marissa Monteilh, picked up on them right away, but was too kind to call them what they are – booty.

With the truth in plain sight <- pun intended, it was time for this of a certain age writer to dump the unfashionable discount specs and up my reading (and writing!) eyeglass game.

Fortunately, I remembered a post from Wear It Well style guru, Karen Karlsen’s blog about Eyebobs.

Long story short, I now have readers I’m proud to wear while I peck away on my WIP, whether I'm at home, the library or Starbucks.

Check 'em out below:

Co-conspirator (tortoise/green) and Merry Me (orange) both by Eyebobs

I would have modeled the specs. Unfortunately, I’m on deadline, which can be hell on a hairdo.


Charles Gramlich said...

Mine are gold.

Genella deGrey said...

I'll bet they make you look fashion-savvy, smart and sophisticated. I'd never dis the granny glasses!

Liane Spicer said...

Love the tortoise! I've been delaying the inevitable but am catching myself squinting more and more as I read - which can wreak hell on the topography. Being of a certain age myself, I've got to be careful with that!

I'm saving your link for when I give in and get a pair of reading glasses.

Alexis J. said...
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Alexis J. said...

LOL, now those are some cute diva glasses, Phyllis! Hot and smart and stylish. See, I recognized yours before because the ones on my face right now are just like 'em. Now I've gotta up my game, for real. Nice!!!!! :-))

Shauna Roberts said...

Great glasses. I need to get some new (prescription) ones soon. I think I'll be less bold than you, though.