Thursday, October 22, 2009

Foods for a Sexier Purpose - Writing

Earlier I thought I'd write an entry on a more generic novel-type subject. But by the evening, I started feeling a little sexy-energetic. That's because I went to dinner and had oysters and a glass of wine with my meal, and then . . . I found that I'd slid right into the Pynk zone. Low and behold - I think it's time to talk about sex again.

Like my steamed oysters and chilled Merlot, as you know, there are foods that feed sex drives, boost energy, sharpen memory, and actually help fight the flab. So I thought this would be the perfect time to mention the foods I know will work when it comes to feeling frisky - which at times, can also serve as a stimulating benefit to a writer.

Hot chilies - stimulate nerve endings and get the blood plumping
Asparagus and avocados - the vitamin-E churns hormones that stimulate sexual responses
Bananas - deliver a key nutrient to muscle strength which helps with orgasms
Dark Chocolate - contains a neuro-hormone, the same hormone released during sex = excitement
Oysters - linked to high sex drive due to the zinc content (here-here)
Pomegranates - contain antioxidants that lead to greater sensitivity
Red wine - also contain antioxidants that help boost blood flow
Watermelon - the oxides can speed arousal
Walnuts - the Omega-3 revs the engine
Strawberries - contains vitamin-C that boosts libido

If we choose to fuel our sex drive with these foods, I believe it could also improve our lust for writing. As much fun as a boost in sex drive can be in literal terms, imagine what it might possibly do to boost energy levels in general. We just might work that computer over and never want to get off of it! And we can all use more energy when it comes to knocking out that next book. Also, feeding our sex drive certain foods can sharpen memory. It's good to be able to remember what's on our minds and backtrack, project forward, find all of those many missing Post-it- notes, etc., so we can be sure to cover all the writer's bases. And lastly, I say mission accomplished if it can help fight the flab. We all sit for hours at a time, taking very few steps, and our midsections bare the brunt of it all. Every little bit helps. Grab some fresh fruit or some walnuts instead of those cookies and potatoes chips.

The act of sex itself can be pleasing, erotic, freeing, and aerobic, and we can all use more energy for that. But why not try the aphrodisiacs, and then head to our home office for a sexier purpose; the purpose of energetic writing? And maybe, just maybe, we'll get in a little frisky-business later on. After that hot chapter is written, that is. How about you?


Phyllis Bourne said...

All I've been eating lately are very unsexy Pringles.

I need to print out your list and get in the Pynk zone!

Alexis J. said...

Hey there Phyllis, I need to be in the zone more myself - most times when it comes down to Pringles or fruit, Pringles wins out hands down (sour cream and onion :-)

Liane Spicer said...

Love your "Pynk zone" foods! (Well, all but the oysters, strawberries and asparagus.) If anyone asks why I'm stocking up on chocolates and red wine I'll just say they're for my writing diet. :D