Saturday, September 5, 2009

Trapped In My WIP

I should be happy.

It’s sunny. The writing is going well. I even lost 5 pounds.

Yet, I’m mad as hell!

You wouldn’t know it from the scowl on my face, but there’s nothing wrong – with me.

It’s the poor hero of my WIP. He just walked in on a terrible scene, and his reactions, words and emotions have been oozing out of me all morning. After 200-plus pages, I know him so well his anger feels like my anger.

Unfortunately, I can’t power down those feelings as easily as my laptop.


My head’s trapped in my manuscript, and I can’t get out!!!!

I write on the sweet side, and this doesn’t happen often. So fellow writers, help me out.

How do you make the transition from your characters’ tumultuous lives back to your own?

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Liane Spicer said...

Sorry, Phyllis, you get no sympathy from me! The writing is going well AND you lost weight? Your head is stuck in you WIP?

Sounds like heaven.