Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Other Side of Self publishing And all the things we don't know.

First, let me apologise for my absence and for not submitting my last scheduled post. I have been dealing with stuff which just didn't allow me the space nor prepared the right state of mind to get something together. But here I am.

As a relatively new published author, who chose the self publishing path, I have been consumed, frustrated and totally confused by all the stuff I don't know ...about the marketing and promoting side of self publishing.  And recently, during my researches on how to make my book available and accessible to libraries and bookstores, I have been bombarded with articles and discussions, which sent me on a Googling rampage, researching and comparing the pros and cons of using both Createspace and Ingram Spark. How those platforms benefit my book. And somewhere along the lines, I discovered - though I cannot vouch for the
credibility, as I am a novice at this whole publishing business - that libraries and bookstores don't like dealing with Createspace nor can I use my free assigned Createspace ISBN with big distributors; that bookstores don't like dealing with Createspace  etc. etc. etc. Each time I read an article, I found something new, something different, something contradictory to what I read before. And it all left me more and more confused and frustrated.

I have now set up my title with Ingram Spark, despite my state of total confusion, because I have been convinced that it is wise to do so for wider distribution and because I am determined to get my book into the book stores.

I love that word "Hope". I keep pushing on, putting one foot in front of the other, like I take one step at a time, with hopes that each step will take Force Ripe nearer to the place I envision it - on the book shelves! Will Ingram Spark help open those doors?


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