Saturday, December 13, 2014

Blogs: The Good, the Bad and the Boring

(I wrote this piece for Buried Under Books and Liane asked if I would re-post it over here. I'm glad Liane liked it so much and felt it was worth sharing. Oh, and I gave a shout-out to Novel Spaces!)

The word “blog” is the abbreviated form of “web log.” First appearing in the mid-90's, they became an equal opportunity promoter. Here was a chance to explore one's thoughts and share with the world.

I'm one of these people who holds back when new things appear on the horizon. Unless the idea is of my own concoction, I wait and watch the pros and cons play out. I had a suspicion that writers would burn out quickly if they tried to keep up a daily or even weekly blog. It would suck up time and the well would run dry of ideas.

Yep, that's what happened. Bloggers started reaching out to other writers to fill their pages. I was willing to hop on board that train. When Lelia asked me to be a returning guest blogger, I was more than content to contribute content every 6 weeks. I also committed to blogging over at Novel Spaces once a month and the occasional guest blog elsewhere.

I believe less of me is more than enough. I want readers and fans to look forward to my rants just to see what I'll say next. If I'm going to take the time and energy to blog, I'm going to make it an EVENT. By using compelling titles and promoting with teases, my goal is to lure people over to read what I have to say. Site owners love a hike in readership, which is one way to become a valuable blogger.

The important thing is having something real to say. Before posting, I ask myself “Would I take time to read this blog?” Ego aside, I gear my topics to what is important to my life and career: the writing industry. Not how to write but promotion, social media, reaching fans, helping other writers, sharing my tactics and offering food for thought.

While I'm serious about the subject matter, there's no reason not to have fun. People who follow me know I'm a brat. I don't mince words while making mincemeat out of conventional wisdom. I'm okay with rocking the boat and causing people to squirm. It's just one person's opinion. Write a retort, riff off my thoughts. Let's get a dialog going!

That's what I look for in blogs I read.


  1. Don't water down your words.
  2. Take a stand knowing you will please some and offend others.
  3. A little humor never hurts.
  4. Offer fresh ideas. Give a new spin on old topics.
  5. Don't point out problems without offering solutions.
  6. Don't make observations on the obvious.
  7. Promote compellingly.
  8. Use interesting verbiage.
  9. Attitude is everything.
  10. Keep it short. This article is 457 words. I've said enough.          


Liane Spicer said...

<3 this post--but you already know that, Sunny!

I'm guilty of treading warily so as not to offend anyone. Getting out of my non-confrontational approach to life takes work, and I'm much better now, but I still tread warily on social media. I also needed the other reminders, all of them. Eliminate wordiness and cut to the core, I have to keep reminding myself.

Thanks for this!

Charles Gramlich said...

Good advice. I fear I've not always taken it. But I do try.

Jewel Amethyst said...

I think one my great blogging sins is the length of my articles. I think I need to cut down on the words.

Anonymous said...

Content will either attract visitors or not. If it does, keep it coming. If it doesn't, make it better and better, until it does. Thanks for this informative and educational post.

Sunny Frazier said...

M.J. that's exactly how I feel. The fact that I pull in readers lets me know I'm doing something right. If you're blogging and no one is responding, you might have to re-think your content or audience.

Liane and Jewel, it's important to condense your thoughts before you start writing. Figure out what the main point of the piece is and write toward that.

Keep trying, Charles. Be brave.

Unknown said...

Ah, I have learned something useful! Now I have 20 commandments to live by -- Yikes!

(I hope I have not been either obvious or verbose -- so I am moving on from here by getting back to see if I can put my blog into compliance with your sage advice. Time will tell.)

Unknown said...

Postscript....see my blog....what I include in More About Me about Navy and Lemoore might interest you.

Sunny Frazier said...

R.T., of course it would interest me! What's the URL?

Unknown said...

This is the link:

These are the small details from the "Small World Department::
NAS Lemoore 75-78 (VA-94) and 80-82 (NLSO).
Residences: (1) Base Housing; (2) Glendale Avenue; (3) Hanford-Armona Road.
Near Misses: Fresno State (Grad Student - Theater Department - 72-74
Last Visit passing through Lemoore: 1995
Next Visit? It probably is not in the cards; too many of life's ups and downs conspire against another visit.
Things I miss: the nearby mountains and the country-living.
Things I do not miss: the winter fog and summer heat.