Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reluctant Knight

Good Morning Readers & Writers,

As I embark on my summer vacation, I've asked my good friend, writer Doug Glener, to say something in my stead.  He's written a bang-up adventure, so I hope you'll give it a shot.

I'll turn it over to Doug:

I had an extraordinarily vivid dream one night: knights were sitting in front of heavenly pools, helping the earth-bound in distress. I woke up, the dream leaving a lasting impression on me. A few years passed, and in the background of my mind, I turned over the dream, believing it held the genesis to a story. 

The dream had something of a magnetic effect, pulling odd bits of history, my past, and other seemingly unrelated things to itself. A narrative began to form - I could literally see various scenes from the book. I just had to figure out how to get from point A to point B, and so forth. This process was an act of faith, believing that my subconscious would lead the way and fill in the missing bits of plot. That's exactly what happened, and the result was The Reluctant Knight.

Percival Adler always dreamed of going on a quest-until he stumbled into a real one. Now he's found himself entangled in an adventure with a Mongol warlord, an insane pharaoh, and the greatest samurai of 19th-century Japan. The cast of characters takes to Manhattan in search of a legendary relic that gives its wielder unimaginable power. Inside: lost civilizations, time-traveling warriors, suspicious parents, barbarous hordes, and one unforgettable ride.

Doug Glener did play far too many hours of Dungeons & Dragons while attending Paramus High School, but he did not step through a portal or meet Tesshu.

After completing high school, Doug went to Vassar College, where he had the privilege of taking classes with professor of English, Dean Mace, who was his writing mentor for manyyears. Then came a stint as a professional musician (Doug’s band appeared on Star Search). Once that had run its course, he picked up the pen and became a writer. He also picked upthe sword and earned a black belt in aikido.

Doug is the co-author of Wisdom’s Blossoms: Tales of the Saints of India (Shambhala, November 2002). He lives in Encinitas, California, and enjoys spending time with his family, biking, and meditating.


Charles Gramlich said...

Sounds like Doug's got the background for it.

Doug said...

Sadly, I do. :-)

Liane Spicer said...

Have a great vacation, William!

Doug, welcome to Novel Spaces! The dream fairy has brought me stories too. Best of luck with Reluctant Knight. Sounds like fun!

Doug said...

Thanks, Laine!