Monday, June 3, 2013

Erotica and Audio Books

Some of you know and some don't, but I write erotica under the pen name, PYNK, and myself and bestselling author Carol Taylor, of Brown Sugar fame, have just released an anthology of two novellas called INSIGNIFICANT OTHERS. The two stories, Erotic City: Miami, and The Ex Chronicles: Plan B, also sold separately, are sequels to our previous titles, Erotic City and The Ex Chronicles.

Our publisher, Insatiable Press, is an newly formed imprint of AudioGO. Publishers are convinced that erotica sells better in electronic format, and especially in audio format, due to readers preferring to read the title on a device or listen to a narrator in private, as opposed to holding a printed book, especially if the sexy cover or title means those around them will know what they're reading - some see that as a violation of privacy.

I think as far as audio goes, to have a narrator with a sexy and natural voice read a story to you so you can relax and take it in, vs. turning the pages or scrolling through, makes for a much more enjoyable experience, though as a result of a very unofficial poll on my Facebook page, it seems there are still a great number of readers who prefer the printed book, no matter the genre.

So this is a good and exciting time for erotica authors, based on new technologies, and the popularity of, yes, Fifty Shades of Gray, but all in all, readers are looking for good stories, and erotica that isn't just about sex, but that is a page-turner with a plot and memorable characters. Excuse me if I do say so myself, but INSIGNIFICANT OTHERS is just that. (Shameless plug, sorry!) Carol Taylor and I agreed to focus on the theme of infidelity, which makes for great discussion. Erotic City: Miami surrounds the lives of a newly married couple who own a swingers club in Atlanta, and the drama that ensues in their newest location in Miami, and The Ex Chronicles: Plan B explores the erotic relationships of four best friends in New York, London and Amsterdam, and how they maneuver their careers, and love lives.

Our talented editor, Robert Podrasky says, "Carol and Pynk share an edgy, sexy sensibility in their books that readers love, and we are very excited to partner with them on this special project, which brings their complementary styles and enormous talent together for the first time.”

Needless to say, we're thrilled about this release, which is the first in a 4-part novella series. Parts 2 - 4 debut every six months, in November 2013, May 2014 and November 2014.
This post is about the recent preference for erotic books in audio format, but I admit, it's also a way to hopefully help spread the word about our newest title, both among our fellow authors, and readers.
Thanks for the opportunity. Feel free to share your opinions about whether or not you think readers prefer certain genres in certain formats. Our blog page is You can also find us on Facebook at


Charles Gramlich said...

Once in a while I read erotica but not in a while. Have not read anything by "Pynk." :)

Liane Spicer said...

I also occasionally read erotica, and this post made me realize that I read it only in e-book format, never paper. Buying erotica audiobooks never occurred to me, however.

Congrats on the new venture!

Eugenia O'Neal said...

Those are lovely covers!

Atlanta's GA Peach Authors said...
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Marissa Monteilh said...

Hi Charles, I hope you do check me out one day. Thanks for your comment. :) Liane, audiobooks and ebooks are more popular when it comes to erotica, but listening to someone read it, in my opinion, lets you focus on hearing, as opposed to having to read. It's a whole lot more relaxing in my opinion, IF the narrator does a good job. Eugenia, thanks so much, appreciated!!