Monday, December 21, 2009

Writing Must-Haves

The Writer Prize Patrol just knocked on your door. Congratulations! You won a trip to write in the luxurious destination of your choice.

The only hitch is (there’s always a hitch), you have to leave IMMEDIATELY. Thank goodness, your suitcase and laptop were already packed.

Now you have exactly one minute to grab your favorite writing must-haves before the prize patrol whisks you off to the airport and onto two weeks in writing paradise.

If had had been fortunate enough to win, I would have selected my timer and beat up dictionary.

The timer bell lets me know when I can get up from my office chair. The dictionary is more of a comfort thing. Nowadays, I mostly use an online one.

Soooo, what would you take? What are your favorite writing must haves?



Katrina said...

I need Post-Its (in an array of colors) and several black, Pilot
G-2 pens. I'm a little fanatic about my pens. I start to get nervous if I don't have a few laying around.

Chicki Brown said...

I'd take my WIP binder where I keep all my character sketches, plot notes and pictures of my characters.

My MP3 player, which is loaded with six hours of instrumental smooth jazz, because I can't work without it.

Phyllis Bourne said...

Katrina - I buy tons of Post-it's, but can never find one when I need 'em. It's like they vanish!

Chicki - What kind of binder do you use? Right now, I use a folder and a legal pad for notes/sketches/pictures, but always looking for a better way.

Alexis J. said...

Post-its, pen, chapter notebook, my snuggie and trusty laptop and I'm good. Oh, and I think I'll add a timer to my Xmas list - great idea!! Gotta stretch those legs :-) Thx, Phyllis!

Kristi said...

How long do you set your timer for before you get up and take a break or does it vary? Thanks Kristi

Phyllis Bourne said...

@Marissa - A SNUGGIE!!!! Dangit, how could I forget!?!?!

@Kristie - Both writing time and breaks are timed. I do 45 minutes writing/20 minutes break, repeat, repeat, repeat. Or 30 on/30 off, repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat.

Don said...

I like this post.

Like yourself, I immediately grab my laptop and headset. Followed by my Webster's New World Dictionary and Webster's Thesaurus.

If I have enough time I grab at least one of many John Grisham novels.

Liane Spicer said...

Suitcase and laptop already packed? Okay, I'd probably swoop up my Oxford Pocket Dictionary (although I too use the online versions more and more), flash drives for backup, headphones, notebook. A box of my favorite herb tea might get thrown in too. Whatever book I'm currently reading. Maybe a movie or two for unwinding.

That timer is an excellent idea. I'm getting one too!