Thursday, November 19, 2009

Guest blogger: Elisabeth Naughton

Thanks so much to Stefanie for inviting me to blog with you today! Some of you know me, some of you don’t. So for fun—and to get the ball rolling—I have a question to pose: Which of these statements do you think is false?

My name is Elisabeth.

I’m an author.

I’m a runner.

I’m a mom.

I’m a sucker for a happily ever after.

I’m a laundry slacker.

Yesterday I committed a heinous murder and I liked it.

Find it yet? I bet not. Because they’re all true. My name is Elisabeth. I am an author for Dorchester. I do run at least three times a week and have completed two half marathons to date. I’m a mom of three. I love a good happily-ever-after. I suck at laundry. Oh, and yeah. Yesterday I killed a trucker. Mind you, I have nothing against truckers, but the guy had to go. There was blood, there were screams, there was even a little whining (I hate it when they whine), but the end result was and is always the same—I killed someone and I liked it.

Twisted? Yeah, probably. But it’s part of my job. And as they say, someone has to do it.

What do you love most about your job? Me? I love that I get to do things I wouldn’t necessarily do in real life. Since I write romantic suspense/adventure and paranormal novels, murder and mayhem always seem to find their way into my books. I like that. I like that my characters are in jeopardy, that not only their love but their lives are on the line. I like that every time I kill someone in my books, the stakes are raised and time starts ticking for my hero and heroine to find an answer, save the day, or stop the world from ending. In what other profession can you say the same?

Of course, as much as I enjoy what I do, I will admit it has gotten me into trouble before. Case in point: My husband works for a pharmaceutical company and when I was writing STOLEN SEDUCTION – my January 2010 release –I asked him how I could poison someone and not make it look like murder. We brainstormed for a while and, since he wasn’t entirely sure how to cover up the murder in question, he asked a doctor/medical examiner he calls on for his job. The doc’s answer? “Get a lawyer.”

This was not the first time I got this response. When I asked a P.A. friend who works in the ER this same question he came back with, “Can I have your husband’s cell number? I think he needs to know what you’re researching.” Honestly? Do I look like an unhappy wife who wants to off her husband and get away with it? Apparently, I do.

It’s funny what people think. For a long time I was known as sweet and innocent Elisabeth. Former teacher. Mom. Wife. Harmless. Now that people are reading my books, they’re looking at me differently. What DOES go on in that head of hers? Just about the time they figure it out, a new book releases and they’re left wondering all over again. And I LOVE that. Keep ‘em guessing. That’s my motto. In my books. In real life. Even the people who know me best never know quite what to expect because, well, they’re not me.

How about you? Are you predictable? Or is there—deep inside—something unexpected lurking?


A previous junior-high science teacher, Elisabeth Naughton now writes sexy romantic adventure and paranormal novels full time from her home in western Oregon where she lives with her husband and three children. Her debut release, Stolen Fury, was a 2007 Golden Heart Finalist and has been heralded by Publisher's Weekly as "A rock-solid debut." When not writing, Elisabeth can be found running, hanging out at the ball park or dreaming up new and exciting adventures. Visit the author’s website at


RKCharron said...

Hi Elisabeth :)
I love this post!
I was taken aback. All true? Then I had to read on. Whew! Writing.
Thank you for sharing.
Love & Best Wishes,

Emmanuelle said...

Loved your post Elizabeth !
You mean nobody in your acquaitance knew you had a thing for killing people ?? I'm shocked ;-)
Now I'm wondering, Am I predicable ?? I'd say I am. On the other hand, just the other day, hubby used my lap top and found the internet page of Harlequin open. He looked at me (almost shocked) and went all "You read Harlequins". I said "of course I do" and really that litteraly shut him up
So I guess I'm not THAT predicatble and he did learn something new about me. On the other hand, it's not like I'm hiding my books. There here on the shelves for him to see. So maybe it's not me that is unpredicatble, it's just him who needs to pay attention !!! Grrrrrr...MEN ! ;-)

Booklover1335 said...

LOL Elizabeth :)

I am a laundry slacker too, in large part due to great novels such as the ones you write.

I ofter wonder what goes on in the minds of authors when they are writing or researching a book :) Can't wait to see what answer you came up with to your murder question in Stolen Seduction. Can't wait for it!!!


Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, RK. All true. :)

Emmanuelle - too funny about hubby and the laptop. Mine found my post over at the Mid-Willamette Valley blog about princesses and what I'd do if I woke up as a princess (the link is on my blog if anyone's interested) and he said he was "seriously concerned about me". I guess I even keep him guessing. ;)

BookLover - laundry slackers unite! I currently have a GIANT pile trying to overtake my downstairs bathroom. I swear it never ends. I hope you enjoy STOLEN SEDUCTION!!

Emmanuelle said...

ROFLMAO Elizabeth !!
I was just wondering what my own DH would think if I'd written that post !! You really are a dangerous woman ;-)
Hillarious though, bitchy princess ordering poor Raoul/Paul Walker lookalike aroud... (it's a good thing hubby is still at work because I'm litteraly LOL... and that always kind of drives him crazy).

Jane said...

Great post, Elisabeth. I guess I am predictable, but I like to think there is a fire inside me and one day I'll shock everyone.

Liane Spicer said...

Welcome to Novel Spaces, Elisabeth!

Only people who don't know me would think I'm predictable; the mild-mannered-former-teacher persona sure does fool a lot of 'em. And those who do know me are more likely to use words like 'crazy'.

Elisabeth Naughton said...

LOL, Emmanuelle.

Jane - go for it. Shock them all. :) It's rather fun.

Liane - it's great to be here! Love the crazy description. :)

Stefanie Worth said...

Thanks for joining us, Elisabeth. This from a person who epitomizes that whole "Still water runs deep" adage about personalities. I LOVE being unpredictable -- in real life and in fiction!


Jewel Amethyst said...

Great post! I wouldn't describe myself as unpredictable, but I'd say the most predictable thing about me is the stack of laundry that remains unfolded and piles up to meet the next week's worth of laundry.

I guess I'm a laundry slacker too.