Monday, August 14, 2017

Time for a quickie

Having just returned to the UK from a holiday in Florida, which was wonderful, I knew I would still be struggling with tiredness as my body battles to return to its normal sleep pattern, not to mention eating and drinking smaller quantities 😊.
So this month I decided to share a story. A few months ago I began adding a very quick five minute read to my monthly newsletter. I use it as an opportunity to experiment with my writing including genres, points of view, third or first person etc. It's also a great discipline for me. I can be a little verbose and have to rise to the challenge of only having two sides of A4 for a beginning, middle and end. Because I send it to my reading list first, and it later appears on my website, I have to keep things "clean"—something else I'm not used to in my writing. It really awakens my brain cells. That said, I know it is mentioned here many times, the effort and discipline required to write and edit any story takes a lot of work.
So. You can pop over to my website to see my first "quickie" five minute read.

Let me know what you think and if you do anything similar.


Linda Thorne said...

Well written story. The sex scene can be pictured. You dropped enough hints for the reader to know something different was going to happen after this scene and it definitely does. Good ending.

Mollie Blake said...

Thanks Linda. Xx