Thursday, June 29, 2017

Writing Goals-Do You Set Them? Keep Them?

Not many writers can write full has to eat after all. As a result many of us find ourselves juggling a number of hats and very often the writing is the first activity to get put on the back burner when life gets busy. With a deadline cracking its whip at my back, I have been forced to stick to a word goal even while working at marketing my existing work.

So when an image popped up on my seldom used Instagram account this week, one part of it looking a little like this...

...I was in love at first sight. I have to admit I am a journal junkie. There is nothing I like more than buying a new book with a tough attractive exterior and blank pages waiting to be filled with stories, plans, recipes, whatever is my current fancy.

On the other hand, like many people, I often abandon planners and details of my goals if life throws me off track even momentarily. However, this particular approach to setting my goals, with the grading element would appeal to my competitive nature (yes, I am aware I would be competing against myself) and might actually work.

Do you use journals to set and track writing goals? What has your experience been with this? Any successful approaches?


G.B.Miller said...

I only have one modest goal that I set for myself each time I sit down to work on my story and that is to crank out a minimum of 300 words at a clip (computer) or minimum 500 (pen and paper). Granted it does sound like small tater tots to most writers, but I have a debilitating genetic muscle malady that had cut my dexterity down to about 9 wpm typing (and have not yet conquered the mental block that is voice software) and gives me insane hand fatigue. So my goal really doesn't involve a journal/planner because it's easy to remember.

Carol Mitchell said...

That's a great goal, though, especially if you stick to it. Voice software is challenging. I have found it to be quite frustrating as I have to do so much editing after the fact I have found it better to just write it myself.

Liane Spicer said...

I use lists on little cyber-post-it stickies all over the desktop of my computer. The lists with writing things tend to get ignored until I've done the things on the other lists...with the predictable result that I often don't get to the writing things at all. So I'm loving this list. I want it in hard copy, because I tend to keep myself more accountable that way. I also like the competitive aspect.