Tuesday, April 4, 2017


Last weekend, I had the pleasure of hosting a discussion during my first ever Romance Slam Jam book event in Los Angeles, which was an amazing experience. I even took on 2 new mentees, which I'm so excited about. I decided to share my discussion outline with my Novel Spaces family, as having a mentor and being a mentee can be very rewarding. Enjoy! I hope you find it helpful.

1. Mentors can provide a path of guidance or model of success as your first step toward your goal, and give you a heads-up on what to expect down a road, by someone who’s “been there – done that” and walked the walk - kind of a mentor GPS. Also, it’s sometimes better to know what not to do, than what to do.

2. A mentor will offer specific tips and advice that pave the way. Yet, it is VERY important to do the work and research on your own.

3. Advice from a mentor can be helpful in your decision to even embark upon your journey. You may decide that what lies ahead is not for you, or you’ll find that you’re excited by the challenge, and move forward.

4. Mentors can help build your confidence with encouragement and support, and possibly see more in you than you see in yourself, pushing you to challenge yourself and to use your talents to succeed. Pep talks are motivating. The connection provides accountability.

5. Having someone who will look out for you and be available as a resource, seeing you progress, will be a reminder that you’re achieving, being proactive, and walking your own walk.

6. Being a mentee will allow the mentor to take pride in being able to give. There are blessings in receiving, but giving can be a gift, and to block that opportunity for someone to give of their time and knowledge, can block their blessings. Mentoring is not a one-way street.

7. There will be choppy waters. Mentors can sometimes help you navigate through, by preparing you to survive the tough times.

8. Nothing good is ever accomplished alone. We are not meant to be alone, nor do it alone, as no man or woman is an island. Connection and support are vital for health and well-being. It takes a village. It takes a team.

9. Knowing the story of your mentor’s strength and endurance will better prepare you toward your end game.

10. The process of being a mentee will prepare you to be a mentor to someone else, paying it forward, also being a blessing! It’s the circle of life.

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