Saturday, March 4, 2017

Side Gigs

I talk to more and more authors who once worked as full-time writers, yet nowadays, they're either 1) back to work and have put writing on hold, 2) they've accepted a job to supplement their writing income, or 3) they have started a side-gig involving teaching/coaching new writers, offering ghostwriting, screen/stage play writing, graphic design, developmental editing and proofreading etc., just to make ends meet.

Or the authors always had full-time jobs, but writing was a side-gig, yet the time spent and rewards have not matched up.

And of course some authors write for the love of it, pay or not.

Have you needed to be creative and embark upon side-gigs, even aside from writing, or has writing pretty much been your side gig, your joy, your passion either way?

Inquiring writing minds wanna know!

Oh yeah, me? I started a ghostwriting company called SilentINK, which I will soon be devoting more time to, as later this year, I am retiring from writing my own books.

Write on - write off - right!!

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