Thursday, October 3, 2013

My name is Marissa Monteilh, and I'm a Scandalholic!

Yes, I'm addicted. The TV show Scandal has me hooked. As a viewer, I love the look of the show, the acting, the drama, the suspense, the feel. As a writer - I simply love . . . the writing!

Sitting down to watch an episode (which I refuse to watch on DVR, simply because I have to get my fix of the fixer live, at that very moment, as it's delivered to the world) is like food to my writer soul. It moves fast, it's sexy, it's deep, it's beautiful, and honestly, it's necessary creatively, as it challenges me to want to do better as a storyteller. I want my stories to unfold. I desire to match the intrigue, the twists and turns, the passion. I feel as though I'm blessed to be able to view great television and great movies, listen to great music, and of course, read great books that are crafty, well thought out, and that bring the characters to life, some who you love and some who you hate, who are either complex or simple, yet they just move you.

When I watch Scandal, from the opening line to the closing line, I think about the words and I learn. Shonda Rhimes and her writing staff are masters at delivering the drama on this show. Grey's Anatomy is a close second for me, and I loved Private Practice, which unfortunately was canceled. (BTW - my dream job is to write for Shonda Rhimes - no duh, huh?)

So, being that today is the 3rd of October, the long-awaited day of the first show of the 3rd season, how could I, a Scandalholic who is scheduled to blog, not take this opportunity to compliment the Scandal writers, and also to admit my addiction? Without admittance, one cannot get help, right? But like Diana Ross sang."If there's a cure for this, I don't want it, I don't want it!" Because once the show is over and I grab that cigarette, I, Marissa Monteilh, will have the sweetest hangover, I don't wanna get over! Oh my, I'm feening as I type.

So, Gladiators unite with pride! And if there's a show you think I might be missing out on, please share. I hear that Breaking Bad was/is good. Though I cannot possibly cheat on my first love, of course - Scandal!

Happy writing, happy viewing, happy blogging!!!


Julie Luek said...

Shonda is a writing goddess. I am not the type who likes "shows like that" and yet here I am waiting for each additional season of Gray's, Scandal and Private Practice to be added to Netflix, like a druggy needing her fix.

I watch each implausible episode with angst-ridden characters making horrible life decisions and empathize and buy into each episode. Now THAT is good.

Liane Spicer said...

I've never watched Scandal, but Big Bang Theory has that effect on me. Great writing!