Friday, December 7, 2012

Looking for Pre-made eBook Covers?

If a book has a great cover, it screams 'PICK ME UP!"  When it doesn't, then I'm less likely to notice it unless I've heard of the author or the book has some great reviews.  When my books were traditionally published I didn't have much say about what the cover should look like but, now that I'm on my own, that's all changed, of course.  In fact, ordering a cover has become one of my favorite things!  The covers for my first two indie books were custom made but what with the economic downturn and wanting to reduce costs as much as possible I'm taking a longer look at pre-made covers and have discovered some great sites you might want to check out with many affordable options.  Pre-made covers generally range from $35 to about $65.  One drawback for me is that most of these sites don't have a big selection of covers with multi-cultural models but there are lots with no people at all which might work.  (Note to self - learn everything about making great covers and put up my own selection of covers with rainbow people as models.)  So without further ado, here are some of the best sites I've found.  (Update: I've changed the cover for Jessamine from one that was custom-made to a premade which has gotten lots of favourable comments.  My point here is, why spend a lot on a cover and you might end up changing it anyway?)

1. ROMANCE NOVEL CENTER which was created by the romance cover model, Jimmy Thomas, has some awesome pre-made covers for a range of romance genres but you have to register to see the full gallery.  Prices range from about $45 to $65.  My only caveat here is that your purchase is apparently non-exclusive which means that you might see your great cover gracing someone else's book.  I'm not sure what the chances of this happening are and it's a very wide, wide world out there so this may not be a problem.  There are also a few multi-cultural and inter-racial covers so that's good.

2.) EBOOK INDIE COVERS has covers in several genres including mystery/suspense, fantasy and romance and these are priced at $40.  There's also a clearance sale going on and those covers are priced at $12 which is amazingly cheap. 

3.) AN AUTHOR'S ART, the site of Regency author, Jaimey Grant, doesn't have a very wide selection but there are some beautiful covers on there, all priced at $40. Well worth a look.

4.  BOOK COVER ART by author Joelene Naylor has a good selection of great covers that were rejected by other authors but which are quite beautiful.   

5.)  BOOK COVERS GALORE offers ebook covers in different genres for between $50 and $75.

6.)  MELCHELLE DESIGNS has several premade designs in various genres including horror and science fiction with prices that range from $35 to $60.

7.)  IFD DESIGNS FOR AUTHORS offers some stunning covers for prices ranging from $20 to $50.

8.)  ESTRELLA COVER ART.  There are lots of premade covers on this site to choose from, ranging from $40 to $60 and in a variety of genres but mostly romance and women's fiction.

9.)  FANTASIA FROG DESIGNS offers a great range of covers in a variety of genres for $40 and also has a few on sale for $25. Quite a few African-American covers available here in a good variety.

10.)  SEXY BOOK COVERS offers a good selection of pre-made covers in several genres for the very reasonable price of $25.

11.)  BOOK GRAPHICS has an excellent range of covers ranging from $20 and up.

12.) AMDESIGN STUDIOS will take your breath away with the gorgeous covers.

13.)  RAZZLE DAZZLE STOCK has a great range of pre-made covers which range from $30 to $60

14.)  GO ON WRITE has a huge collection of covers in all genres including science fiction, romance, horror, women's fiction, etc.. Three covers for $75!

15.)  LITTERA DESIGNS  has some gorgeous covers at great prices. In fact, the designer can also give you a print cover with your ecover for a very affordable price.

16.)  PHYCEL DESIGNS offers a range of covers and looks good particularly for fantasy and flirty stories. Their premades are a bit on the pricey side at $60 but well worth looking over.

17.)  COVER WHIMSY has some great romance and women's fiction-type covers, though not a huge number.

18.)  COVER SHOT CREATIONS. There are quite a few sci-fi and fantasy premades offered here, also on the higher end of the market at $60.

19.)  E-FINITE COVERS offers a great package of ecovers, Facebook page banner and a 3-D cover reflection.  If you don't know what that is, go check it out.  Very cool!

20.) BOOK COVER ART has a good range of covers, everything from the fun and flirty to horror and fantasy.  Prices here range from $15 - 35.

Have you used premade covers from any of these sites?  If so, please share your experience or let us know about other great sites.


G. B. Miller said...

I haven't used any of those sites, but my publisher uses Select-O-Grafix, which caters to indie writers as well.

They did my cover (which is my avatar) and I'm very happy with it.

Their addy is

Liane Spicer said...

What a fantastically helpful post. I've been laboriously selecting images, mocking them up in Paint then paying an artist $65 to create a polished, high res version. Now I have more options!

Charles Gramlich said...

This is very helpful. Thanks for the links. I will check these out. I've been doing my own, but with only a modicum of success

William Doonan said...

What a fantastic resource. Thanks, Eugenia!

Jewel Amethyst said...

This is a great resource.

Jewel Amethyst said...

This is a great resource.

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready to go this route...yet... but when I am this is a terrific list. Bookmarked with thanks.

William Doonan said...


The link for Estrella Cover art isn't working.

Eugenia O'Neal said...

Thanks, William. That was the second time that happened. Very odd! I hope I've fixed it now and that it doesn't change back.

Eugenia O'Neal said...

And you're very welcome everybody! I saw some delicious covers made me wish I had a stack of unpubbed manuscripts!

Eugenia O'Neal said...
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Lynn Emery said...

Love the resources, Eugenia. You're a gem to list all these!

Annette Gisby said...

I've just bought a premade cover from Erin Lark yesterday, the prices are $25, very good value I thought! I still haven't finished the story, but I wanted to get the cover before it got snapped up by someone else :)

Anonymous said...

There's also the premade cover section at

And the book covers market:

Both let other artists put up their work in their space like a shop... although I think covers4u has been doing that longer and doesn't have as streamlined a platform as bookcoversmarket.

Kristen Middleton / K.L. Middleton said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...
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Unknown said...
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Tara said...

Thanks for listing Fantasia Frog Designs in your cover designers listing.