Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Author Goals and Getting Motivated in 2012

As a follow-up to Lynn Emery's GREAT blog post from New Year's Day, I began thinking about doing a "Writer's Wrap-Up" to summarize my accomplishments in 2011, and that prompted me to make a list for 2012. Thanks, Lynn, for inspiring me to do that!

I didn't start out with a list in 2011. Some of the great things that happened last year came about as spur of the moment ideas or opportunities: forming a group of female touring authors, publishing the e-book version of Something He Can Feel, accepting an invitation to contribute a story to the A Chapter A site, accepting an offer to write a 10k word erotica novella for the February 2012 anthology, The Heat of the Night.

What was scheduled for 2011 was my third Pynk book, Sixty-Nine, and also venturing back into print/electronic self-publishing with the release of Hot Girlz. I'm grateful for these accomplishments.

So this time, the items on my list for 2012 include publishing two e-book novellas, publishing the print/electronic sequel to Dr. Feelgood, You've Got It Bad, the release of my fourth Hachette book, POLITICS.ESCORTS.BLACKMAIL, and submit the option book, Sin City. I would like to participate in more events and book club meetings, as well as co-write with various authors, and also, embark upon some freelance gigs. One of my biggest goals is to read more books. I slacked off on that last year.

The beauty of having a list is that it is a visual, tangible item reminder. And what's even more beautiful is when you have an opportunity to add those unexpected, newly birthed, yet welcomed additions to the list.

What has been consistently on my schedule for the past three years has been the great opportunity to contribute bi-weekly to this amazing Novel Spaces blog. Even when the dates roll around quicker than sometimes anticipated, I always appreciate the opportunity to join other authors in discussing the business, our lives, and our works.

So as we embark upon another year of this thing called writing, I send positivity to each of you in meeting your goals, living your dreams, and enjoying all of the success and happiness you desire.

For now, I've got until the end of the month to finish my current manuscript, and so I'm headed off for a full writer's heaven retreat. And then, on to the next one, the next goal, the next item - and soon, the next year's list. Cheers to using the tools that will get us all motivated, including lists!

Happy New Year!


Jewel Amethyst said...

Lists are definitely a good way to become motivated. It was not something I used until I began writing with the intention of publishing, and then it was loosely used to become organized.

Now that I am home with two very demanding kids, I find daily lists get me through they day, give me a sense of direction and accomplishment when I finally tick off a few tasks on the list.

I've never done a yearly list, but it's never too late to start.

Charles Gramlich said...

Be sure to enjoy the process as you move from one goal to another. :)

Lynn Emery said...

Whoa, great list from 2011! You have a right to be impressed with all you accomplished- Picture me bowing to your writerly worthiness!On to 2012.

Liane Spicer said...

Back atcha, Marissa! I too am very impressed by all the writerly things you achieved in 2011. May 2012 be even bigger and better for you!

I couldn't function without lists - daily, monthly, yearly... I'm way too day-dreamy to get anything done otherwise.