Thursday, November 4, 2010

Maximizing Your Harvest and Staying Positive

As she's done for years, author Karen Fox posts market news regarding the publishing industry as often as she can, and updates recent romance book deals. Some deals are "nice" and some are "major," most are "nice." I enjoy her website as she posts great writing tips and publisher information, etc. Her updates are just one of the many sites I visit that help to keep me motivated.

With all the talk about the elections and the economy lately, the more I engage in dialogue I find that most people are having some type of concerns or crisis with their business, line of work, finances, a lot are looking for work, looking to increase book sales, learning to live without, doing without and taking shortcuts, and the list goes on and on.

As a writer, it does help to read about new and established authors who have book releases, whether it's listed on a website like Karen's, or announced on an author's Facebook page. I enjoy seeing evidence of the wheels spinning, ideas in motion, self-pubbed or traditional, in spite of what might be considered trying times for some. I like to see creativity and excitement and passions at work. People who took the steps and stayed proactive.

If you know of any sites that show evidence of creativity in motion, please share. And if you have any words of self-encouragement that have worked to keep you motivated, I'm sure we'd all appreciate reading those words.

Plant the seed and nurture it and know that it is growing at the root, even if we can't see the growth with the naked eye. The power of reproduction is built into the seed. Don't kill your dreams, desires, ideas, drive, ambition, and vision with negative thinking. Stay motivated, stay positive, and believe. Hold your hope and get to work! There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Charles Gramlich said...

Last night I found myself all emotionally upset because of issues that happened during the day, but when I thought about them more carefully I realized I was really being a wimp. Nothing really bad happened and I got plenty to eat and a good place to sleep. I think this happens with politics too. People get to acting as if the world is coming to an end when it probably isn't.

Shauna Roberts said...

In the sf/f field, there are some small presses and micropresses that have been around for several years and are carefully growing themselves. I suspect these publishers will play bigger and bigger roles in publishing good new original fiction as the big publishers get deeper into the trap of publishing the same old same old.

Liane Spicer said...

Karen's site is one of the 'links for writers' on my personal website. I haven't visited in awhile, so thanks for the reminder.

Yes, we can manage our perspective. It's easy to drown in all the negativity, but I make sure I find something to be optimistic about every single day.