Friday, May 21, 2010

Confessions of an Office Store Junkie

Office Max. Staples. Office Depot.

If you’re like most writers, I’m pretty sure I have your attention now. Few of us can resist roaming the aisles of a superstore dedicated to office supplies.

I usually go in for a ream of paper or a printer cartridge, but it isn’t long before an item catches my eye and whispers:

“Buy me, and I’ll make you the best writer in the world…”

A few months ago, I couldn’t resist the lure of this flash memory drive:

Last trip, left me lusting for a pad of GIANT POST-ITS!!!!

Sigh. Deep down, I know good stories don’t come from the office supply store. But that doesn’t keep a huge grin from spreading across my face as I load my haul into the trunk of the car.

Now it’s your turn. Did you score a pack of florescent index cards, flashy pen or perhaps ::gasp:: a cool, little netbook?

What’s on your writing supply wish list?


Farrah Rochon said...

I just used my Office Depot membership reward dollars to buy paper and a very cool pen yesterday, Phyllis. I have always loved shopping for supplies, be it school supplies when I was in school, or office supplies nowadays.

I used to use those flip charts in my old day, back before Post-It came up with the wonderful idea of putting sticky stuff on the back of them. We used to just use scotch tape. :) Now I just use $0.50 plain white poster boards. They work just fine.

Jewel Amethyst said...

Love that flash drive. I'll admit, I'm not an office supply store junkie. I'm too cheap. As for flash drives, I've broken so many of them (and lost tons of data) that I now just e-mail my drafts to myself. Once I'm on a computer with internet access, I can download the draft.

As for office supplies: If you don't have a formal office, you don't need (too many) office supplies.

Liane Spicer said...

OMG! Guilty as charged! Those giant Post-Its rock! And I soooooo want to adopt that flash drive.

I tend to go for organizers of all descriptions - because the more organized my tools are the more time I'll have to write, right? But seriously, I've spent countless hours strolling those aisles, fondling paper, salivating over pens, highlighters, corkboards and the rest. And I always leave with a nice haul and a huge smile.

Chicki said...

Ooh, Phyllis, I know what you mean! I'm really blessed because there's a guy here in metro Atlanta who buys surplus from Staples and sells it for next to nothing. Not too long ago I paid $10.00 the fancy Fellowes under-desk keyboard tray that Staples sold for $200 plus!

To say that I live in this store is an understatement ...

bettye griffin said...

Right now I'm in the market for those little stickers to put on keyboard keys when the original letters wear off. Can't find them at either Office Max or Office Depot. If you see any, please let me know where!

bettye griffin said...

Forgot to add, Jewel, I had the same problem with flash drives. Then I bought a real nice, hard case from Walmart, keep it zipped up through where it plugs in, and now if the drive gets knocked over it's protected.

Jewel Amethyst said...

Hey Bettye, thanks for the flash drive suggestion.

And to the others, I guess I must be the only writer who's not an office supply store junkie. Maybe when I get that office....

Don said...

Love this post.

It definitely speaks to me whenever I walk into Office Depot and immediately stand and analyze all the writing pens before settling upon one in particular.

Interesting looking flash drive. Ha.

Also, how is it possible for Orlando to sweep both playoff opponents then turn around and get swept?

Shauna Roberts said...

Hello. My name is Shauna and I love office supplies.

I lust after all sorts of office supplies. Right now, my desire is for a nice office paper cutter. Also, #1 pencils. I'm always wanting #1 pencils, and not every store carries them.

My husband is on a quest for the perfect paperclip, one that is the right heaviness and doesn't slip.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I love office supplies too!!!!! So far we both are office supply junkies and beauty I purchased pens that I didn't need about 45 pens to be exact...Yeah I have a problem.