Friday, February 5, 2010

Playing It Safe? Not!

It's been a while since I've posted Pynk-style on Novel Spaces, but in honor of my new release that comes out in 45 days, on March 23rd, I thought I'd touch on the subject of the book, which is sex addiction. The title is SEXAHOLICS. There's been a lot of buzz about sex addiction lately - there's a reality show, and tons of celebrity gossip about who is and who isn't addicted. Addictions, be it food, shopping, gambling, alcohol, love, sex, whatever, are very real and can ruin or end folks' lives and the lives of those whose paths they cross.

SEXAHOLICS was a challenge to write - to create four, three-dimensional women with very different backgrounds and lives, who are lust addicts, or sex drunks as I call them, was not an easy task, but I asked for it. It was my bright idea. As writers, the same rules that apply to crafting a story apply no matter what the genre. I put my heart and soul into this novel, and for those who enjoy erotica, it is my desire that this title brings an understanding of what it's like to live with a sex addiction illness. The 12-Steps for Sexaholics Anonymous members include a belief in a power greater than themselves. One Sexaholics Anonymous executive told me you can't recover without faith. Call it what you want, but whatever your religion is or isn't, you must believe in a higher power, or else recovery will allude you and you'll continue to fall of the sobriety wagon.

I look forward to the discussions about addictions in general, mainly as it relates to today’s current events. I posted the question on my FaceBook page recently, "Do you think Tiger Woods is really a sex addict, or is he in a sex rehab clinic (allegedly) for publicity reasons so he'll look like he's healed." Some say if every person who cheated on a spouse was in the public eye, they'd be sending a whole lot of people to rehab for sex, but because Tiger is in a fishbowl, the answer is to get him fixed, when he's no more addicted than any other "married player."

What's your opinion on it? Do you think Tiger's alleged addiction diagnosis is legitimate (and I know this would just be speculation), or did he simply get carried away with his busty bevy of opportunities. I'd love to hear your opinions.

I'm no expert on the subject, but one thing writing does is it requires you to do your research in developing your characters, and the result is that we become much more informed about the world around us, far beyond our own safe little box. And one thing we can't be as writers, whether penning women's fiction, horror, urban, romance, Christian fiction, or erotica . . . is safe when it comes to crafting our works.




Phyllis Bourne said...

Initially, I didn't think Tiger was a sex addict.

However, once his mistresses came forward and I saw how skanky they looked. Hmmm... I think you'd HAVE to have some kind of problem to risk your family and endorsements on those trashy looking women.

I just pre-ordered you, so Sexaholics will pop on my Kindle March 23rd!!!!

Alexis J. said...

Thank you Phyllis, I'm so grateful honored to have your support!! And I agree Tiger has a problem - it's also that super-human entitlement, thinking they'll never get caught since no one says no. Time will tell, but the day he comes back to golf, $$$ :-)