Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Here We Go Again…

It’s nearly a week into the New Year, and my weekly Weight Watchers meeting is packed with newbie’s vowing to really do it this time.

The determined look on their faces reminds me of the resolutions I make in the heat of a book deadline.

I promise my jittery hands I’ll wean myself off coffee and Diet Coke.

I tell my aching back I’ll return to yoga class.

I assure my queasy stomach to never again eat Hershey bars for breakfast or turn to a box of Cheez-it’s for an easy, no-cook dinner.

Finally, I raise my fist to the heavens Scarlett O’Hara style and vow to manage my time better and never, ever get caught in a deadline crunch again.


Once I meet my deadline, my determination dissipates quicker than the crowds will in my WW meeting room.

My resolution?

Just for today, I’ll cut back on coffee, go to yoga class, stay outta the snack cabinet and put in some quality time with my WIP.

And I’ll worry about tomorrow – tomorrow.


Jewel Amethyst said...

Oh yes, it's resolution time again. I've found a way to keep my resolutions: I don't make any. It works.

Liane Spicer said...

LOL! I've never been an alcoholic but I've adopted the AA mantra: One day at a time.

Like Jewel, I've had it with elaborate resolutions. I'm older and wiser and I know when I'm fooling myself plus setting myself up for self-flagellation when I fail.