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Guide to finding topics on Novel Spaces using the tag list

authors  -  notable or unknown; their personalities, their bodies of work & influence
awards  -  member achievements, submission process 
blogs and websites  -  presenting yourself and your work professionally & effectively online
books  -  that we've read and how they've influenced us
bookstores  -  experiences in, marketing to, shelving
business of writing  -  how the marketplace works and how to succeed
character  -  storytelling techniques and mechanics
children's books  -  writing them, those that influenced you, those that have had wide effect
competitions & contests  -  opportunities for writers
conferences & conventions  -  for writers, booksellers, fans
copyrights  -  what it is we actually sell, essential to a writer's professional survival
craft  -  bringing your story to life and presenting it effectively and professionally
critics and reviewers  -  how these affect us as writers and readers
critique / writing groups  -  peer groups done right and what to do if one's not working
culture & society  -  both fiction as social commentary and how they affect readers & writers
dialog  -  storytelling techniques and mechanics
e-books  -  contracts, formats, marketing, etc.
editing  -  the process; how to do it yourself & what to do when an editor does it to you
education  -  professional workshops, MFA programs, creative writing courses
erotica  -  genre
exercises & practice  -  every artist and craftsman needs these
faith & religion  -  in your writing; in other fiction; influence on you & reader/market perceptions
fantasy  -  genre
finances  -  realistic expectations, budgeting, etc.
guest (-author, -editor, -agent, -etc.) 
historical  -  genre
holidays  -  national, religious, personal
horror  -  genre
independent publishing  -  doing it professionally; doing it right
inspiration  -  muse and everyday events that motivate you
Internet  -  using it to your advantage, not letting it be a time sink
literary fiction  -  genre that insists it's not
magazines & periodicals  -  as markets for short stories or articles; possible resources
mainstream  -  genre-less genre
marketing & promotion  -  getting your name out and boosting your sales
markets  -  areas of publishing with opportunities for writers
movies and television  -  review, impact on readers/writers, novelizations, based on novels, etc.
mystery/detective  -  genre
networking  -  becoming a valuable and respected part of a professional community
online markets  -  online markets for fiction and content
paranormal  -  genre
piracy  -  what it means to writers and what to do about it
plot  -  storytelling techniques and mechanics
poetry  -  writing it, reading it, how it affects you
point of view  -  storytelling techniques and mechanics
publishing industry  -  traditional publishing, how to do it from submissions to contracts to sales
readers  -  the people who read our words and might be affected by them
resources  -  sites, books, blogs, libraries real & virtual, professional writers organizations, etc.
romance  -  genre
science fiction  -  genre
setting  -  storytelling techniques and mechanics
short stories  -  writing and marketing; online short story as marketing tool for novel
social media  -  Facebook, Twitter, You tube, MySpace, etc.
supernatural  -  genre
trends  -  in fiction, in the marketplace, and among readers
urban fiction  -  genre
voice (or "narrative voice")  -  storytelling technique and mechanics
workspaces  -  anything about places, tools, or materials that help you write
writer's life  -  how being a writer affects your life and how your life affects your writing
writing career  -  goals, ways to get there, choices; everything about our pursuit of our vocation
writing techniques  -  how-to on any and every aspect of storytelling
young adult  -  writing for the young adult market, the industry niche
young readers  -  young people who read our words and might be affected by them